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Kottonmouth Kings - Walking dream lyrics

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Walking dream by Kottonmouth Kings

marijuana, the world's perfect plant...
the waking dream
the earth, the wind, the sky, the sea
the birth, the life, the air we breathe
the truth, the lies, the in-betweens
the hate, the love, the waking dream
all these beautiful things growin up in california
and all the memories from the people who knew ya
don't test mother nature she's a powerful person
don't get caught up in a bind for being stupid like abortion
these are the types of checks you can't cash
when you try to live long you can't afford to be an ass
when you walk into a party bein loud and obnoxious
when you walk up to a hottie with no respect or compliments
it's f**kin' nonsense, this life's a journey
all the people i meet and all the people actin' funny
like crash test dummies, people come people go
like liquor store dough (as in money) they accept it like a treasure
someone's pain is another man's pleasure
we need to stick together to make this beautiful place better
you're time's approachin in this life you're livin
in the aftermath of the new beggining
in the waking dream of all things unseen the cycle is complete
the universe has justified my life and set me free
A smile spreads across my face prepares me for the ride
the setting sun begins to set the perfect way to die
i'm sittin in the basement cuz we about to get deep
final life's placement, being the topic of speech
what matters to you and me, what goal you've reached
when you're bodie's laid to rest and your soul's free to seek
with the knowledge you recieve you got a spot picked out
you know where you wanna go from what you learned about
some people call it hell and others say the spirit world
where you goin when you die? are you sure? for real?
you ask me where i'm headin i'm still tryin to look
I learned one thing so far, the answer's not in the book
many paths to choose from written by the hands of man
but they were all still alive, the information second hand
i don't understand, cuz all religions have flaws
barkin' out commandments, how bout natures laws?
cuz when it's said and done, river's still gonna flow
the wind's gonna blow and tree's are still gonna grow
the waking dream...

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