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Koopsta Knicca - Whatcha Gonna Do lyrics

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Whatcha Gonna Do by Koopsta Knicca

Well I'm fresh up outta jail wit no job
so I steal and rob
creepin through them parks and runnin them b**ches
up off them boulevards
this that type of sh*t that'll make you quick
to get yo ass in
(well what you want playa what you want)
b**ch them muthaf**kin dividends
I'm that nigga to envy wit that damn devil in me
Koopsta's buckin these b**ches down leavin
they muthaf**kin pockets empty
that's what I did and now I got a f**kin bloody glock
from makin these niggas lay
drop yourself takin these b**ches off to my stash spot
and when I step damn fool betta watch yaself
cuz walkin wit that Koopsta Knicca's
bad for your f**kin health
ho I would rather make a stang than be a lame burglar
and if I do ya it's a murder murder murder murder
inside the mind of a muthaf**kin lunatic
leavin b**ches headless it's pathetic to try to f**k wit this
that's why I make these hits and call this sh*t a nigga knock
(3 gunshots)
b**ch don't let this be a stash spot
I buck em drug em f**k em I don't love em
dump em smokin
put him, put him in a ho spot
take me downtown to my stash spot
5-0s on my dick now tell me b**ch
what am I supposed to do
some trick must have snitched about that Koopsta Knicca
robbin fools
I never break a sweat in the presence of a mutha-f**kin redneck
a high speed chase is in effect
wrap a scarf around my dead dress
stolen Chevy ballin in wit the fo fifty
in this muthaf**kin b**ch
plus I'm layin down niggas 5-0 b**ches cannot f**k wit this
turned the corner thinkin I'm gonna
lay these tricks in a body bag
and could this be the end of the Koopsta Knicca
in a ski mask
ask me if I'm Dracula
I'll tell ya time I'm f**ked up
victims of my f**kin stang got a trunk
filled wit the mega bust
Elas on my f**kin side scond paranoid and sh*t
so I just put an end to that...
scary b**ch
cockpiles at his side plus I'm ruthless by my damn self
plus hangin wit the Koopsta Knicca's bad for your f**kin health
gettin up outta my haul killa stealin
this is pimp sh*t
really about my bizness
droppin niggas off in my stash spot
HOOK (x11)
Scratches and mixes of 'the Koopsta Knicca's a cap peeler' to fade

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