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Knuckledust - Dislocate lyrics

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Dislocate by Knuckledust

Hated for living straight
Who controls our cold hard fate
From this slum we must elevate
Rise above and disassociate
Isolated from better days
The easy ways can't be obtained
Held down in these dirty days
If my sanity slips it won't be regained
I tried my faith and my faith failed
The walls get taller than I must scale
Born into a life that never ran smooth
Nothing we've gained just continued to lose
Promises on every single level
Inside every sheep always hides a devil
Justice is in the grave
I never asked for my soul to be saved
Proud of what my familys achieved
The good and bad still live on in me
Politician die, I won't be betrayed
I spit on you till my dying day
Enslaved by those who think they know
But they never ever lived this low
Work all our days for our daily bread
Just to live when no one cares if we're dead
I'm breaking inside but won't let it show
If it's death over life
Then that's just how it goes

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