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KMFDM (Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid) - Inane lyrics

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Inane by KMFDM (Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid)

Chew It All Up - Turn It Around
Give The Meaning A Twist - Spit It Back Out
Repulsive - Corrosive - Enticing - Confusing
Abusive - Elusive - Provoking - Amusing
Mangled And Ground - Decomposed And Destroyed
Whatever Was Found - We Invented The Sound
Prepared To Order - Cooked To Perfection
According To Taste - No Dissatisfaction
German Engineering - Astounding Ingenuity
Over A Decade Of - Conceptual Continuity
Kmfdm - A Constant Intrusion
It Poisons Your Blood - You Need An Infusion
Like Everything Else It's Completely Inane
Profoundly Profane And It Drives Me Insane
Kmfdm - What Do You Know
Don't Blow Your Top Now, Here We Go !
Kmfdm - What's The Deal
You're So Naive, Come On Get Real !
Kmfdm - For What Your Money Can Buy
Leave Your Angst Behind And Fly Sky-High !
Kmfdm - Make Your Choice
Celebrate Chaos - Get Into The Noise !
Kmfdm - Nihilistic And Free
U.A.I.O.E. For You And Me
Help Us, Save Us, Take Us Away
Kmfdm - Make My Day
Kmfdm - What's The Story
Sex On The Flag, Split And Glory
Kmfdm Can't Suck Hard Enough
Have A Little More - You Just Love That Stuff

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