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KJ-52 - We Gon A Make It lyrics

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We Gon A Make It by KJ-52

I’m waking up and getting read cause I’m late for school
I pour the milk and dig the roaches out my cereal
Right now it’s really hard what we going through
Is mom gonna come home? Dad what we gonna do?
I see the pain in your eyes I know it’s hard for you
I want to cry and just hide is all I want to do
You pick me up and hold me tight right next to you
Tell me it’s gonna be alright we gonna make it through
But everyday at school I’m just feeling like the fool
I can’t afford the latest clothes or the hottest shoes
I’m eight years old and all that I want to do
Is get the new G.I. Joe before nobody else do
I start crying when I’m in my bed and just lying
It tears me up inside at night when my parents fighting
I’m just trying just to make it to the silver lining
But this is what my pops told me every single night he said
We gonna make it, yes we gonna make it
We gonna make it, yes we gonna make it
It’s Friday afternoon it’s just another weekend
And I don’t want to see my mom I don’t like her new boyfriend
It’s like every single day I start wondering
Will they get back together, will we be a family again
I asked my dad now just the same question
He just got quiet shook his head and never said nothing
That weekend I said the same thing to my mother
But she said nothing either now sometimes I wonder
If they use me just to get back at one another
I’m stuck in the middle of this war so I duck for cover
How can anyone love me if they don’t love each other
It all got changed in a fourth grade summer
They finally got divorced my whole world crumbled
Now is it really over now is what my mind wondered
So the court gave my mom full custody
And as my pops kissed me goodbye this what he said to me
Baby boy don’t you worry about a single thing
Baby boy daddy takes care of everything
Baby body don’t you know that you’re gonna make it
Here I am it’s like six years later
And I struggle every way now to make it as a teenager
And every day I wake up I just want to change the
Way that I be living cause it’s killing me I hate the
Stuff that I’m dealing with can’t I ever just escape the
Life that I been given and it’s effects my behavior
But I started forgiving on the day I met my Savior
And I started living on the day that I gave ya
All my old pain and I watched it all change
Call on Your name while I watched my old ways
Disappear along with these fears and old shame
You wiped away the tears that used to fall like cold rain
And as I stood there free and clear of all blame
And as I stood there a new creation I became
My Father in heaven hallowed be Thy name
And all that time this is what You was saying

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