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KJ-52 - I feel so good lyrics

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I feel so good by KJ-52

I feel so good, I feel so good
I feel so good, I feel so good
(So good today)
I feel so good, I feel so good
I feel so good, I feel so good
(So good today)
I feel the shine of sun's rays right now
My mind is feeling just so amazed right now
And as I think of your love and your grace right now
Tears wet the side of my face and race right down
My hands is lifted up and upraised right now
I want to know all your ways all my days right now
I want every bit of me just to change right now
I want to give you everything of my praise right now
I want to always just call your name right now
Even if things get hard just to face right now
I want to never lose faith or walk away right now
There's nothing to go back to nothing to gain right now
See I think about my life back in the day right now
I can't believe how far I've just came right now
And I'm so glad to be alive and to be saved right now
That's why every day this is what I say right now
I have everything I could ever want right now
You've given me everything I ever got right now
You used to knock on the door of my heart right now
But I was like go away uh uh no not right now
But now you really got me on lock right now
Who would've thought you'd rock my whole spot right now
Now looking back I'm just kind of in shock right now
But the way that ya did it is kind of hot right now
Now you stepped in blew it up kind of like choo choo blow
Those who saw me change was like check him out now
Even today they think I'm kind of strange right now
But that's ok, I'm just doing my thing right now
And I'm straight on keep heading this way right now
And never stray wrong while I just blaze on right now
And that's the path I'll always just stay on right now
Cause there's nothing left for me to say on right now
Get them on up right now
Ya ready for this? Then what ya waiting for?
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