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KJ-52 - I can call on you (piano love remix) lyrics

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I can call on you (piano love remix) by KJ-52

I can call on you
And I know that you hear me
I can call on you
And I know that you answer
She's the girl that sits in the back
Dark shirt and her hair is black
She cuts herself but ya can't see that
Long sleeves they hide the facts
And every time when she's in class
They call her names and tease and laugh
And in the mirror that she's looking at
Hates the person that's looking back
Self esteem is the thing she lacks
She barely eats, but thinks she fat
She barely speaks and thinks she can't
She wants to scream, she did just that
She said “Jesus”, she screamed “At last
I need you, I'm falling fast
What do I do? Can't escape my past
Help me, you're all I have”
He didn't know what to do
Came home from after school
Mom and Dad said they were through
Now pretty soon he's gonna have to move
Shut the door, went inside his room
Laid on the floor and he cried to you
Said, “Jesus please help me through
Right now cuz I just feel so confused
Don't know what I'm supposed to do
But I need to be close to you
Help me in what I'm goin' through
Cuz I know that you're here when I call on you
Everything's just fallin' through
But ain't nothing too hard for you
So please come when I call to you
Cuz all I have is all in you”
And that's why
So what I wanna say tonight
Anything that you face in life
When your mind is filled with strife
You can always find your strength in Christ
Even times when money is tight
Even times when nothin' is right
Don't worry bout nothin' in life
Call on him, that's my advice

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