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King Arut - Bad Chick Alert lyrics

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Bad Chick Alert by King Arut

(Lil Huff)
Ok mah swag so presidential obama wanna
Sponser but if you aint from around here you betta keep ya doors locked
With your windows wound up with your shi*t c***ed
Cuz them crackers gon have you on the news at six'o' clock
Slumped over in your sh*t with a head shot, Niggaz poppin
Bottles like thousand rain drops cuz it's bad chick alert
Bad bad bad chick alert buh baddd chick alert... uh huh yeah
(King Arut)
You know they saying since the bar back on the 'dro, he lackin
The flow
And if that ever happen whoa I ain't rapping no more
I'm good with a pina, daq and an o
Gagging and choke like ho put the d*ck back in your throat
Still packing fo sho
Cuz da bad chick da baddest cuz she roll
Wit da baddest wit da boon and da coones like
In june wen da goons roll like uh I rock da polo
Like it's nun new wit dem j's on mah feet
Dey cost mo den yo two twice the the price
Of yo "sketchers" and da freak plain rice rockin like a mad man
But runnin like a boss... Yeah I kno dat didn't rhyme
But it comes from da heart and roll thru dart
(Lil Huff)
(Sirens) Bad chick alert bad bad chick alert
She runnin from da po-po got her on lock
Can run from em no mo... I'm so gangsta
If she don't go down no thank you
I got so many bitches so ain't ya
Got so many pictures of Ben Franklin
High top tennis on the car cover of the whole game cold
F**k it up with me niggaz come from all angles
Representing S-Q like the Star Spangled
White tee-fish at Kango
Low top Nikes plus my ho pop Nikes
How exciting we riding in the third lane
Said she like Juvy but prefer Wayne
She can give me head
Call her birdbrain on everything
But she da baddest of da crew
And she ownin on everything...
She a bad chick... Da baddest chick
Bad bad chick ALERT! (sirens)...
(King Arut)
Doe Got a good game honestly so respect the young'n
Got your girl undercover like a detective woman
I'm a mess blow a vest to onion and I'll test your stomach
And the pistols right next to him cousin
I'm a player having sex with dozens
Sex with cousins hoes dissed with husbands
My pants is down her dress is up
Her head down and her neck is tough
She suck till I say, "That's enough!"
We f**k till her ass fractured up
And when I nut no shower bitch pack your stuff
Am I a mack or what
But she had enough and can't even wipe it up

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