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Killaman - Execution lyrics

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Execution by Killaman

Killa Sin:
Ninja call in shinobi
I kill slowly no man alive can hold me
Explode the dynamite
Revenge for what ain't right
100 thou beheaded by the manchild
Military action tonite
We fight you savage 85
A true warlord
Decapitating heads
Die by the sword
That's swiftly sinister
Blood flows eyes swoll
I finished ya
For the revolution
My solution when jiggy come
We go out shooting
9th Prince:
High exalted chrome 9 holder
Fill enemies with bullets
Homicide come into it
Masked man 360 moving with fam
Our techs don't jam
We know the devils plan
So i'm the undertaker
Full clip embedded in traitors
Wu raiders supreme gods
Strapped on boulevards
Building with older gods
Ghost your fate
Right out of the car
Then break to the lab
Counting figures with my niggas
The rep grows bigger
Introducing 16 shot:
A new king has come
Rebel from the slums
Camaflouged in fatigues
Murder new leagues for fun
Come witness the terror
Slashed throats
Blowin' genuwine murder notes
Tree smoke i inhale
And spit treacherous tales
To the shorty's
I;m wanted dead or alive
Bloodhounds on my trail
Already did 2-4
Pigs fuck them whores
Leo rpg the door
Throw grenades
Mutherfuckers this is war
For no reperations
Wrath of the black nation
3 niggas in black
We attack the nation
Screams, gunshots then beat fades out.

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