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Leave Like a Man Lyrics

Kernaghan Tania


Leave Like a Man Song Lyrics

Leave Like a Man by Kernaghan Tania

I liked it when you couldn't keep your big hands off me
And giving in was my favourite thing to do
But now I'm feelign temporary
I know you're looking straight through me you're trying to find an
excape route
So leave like a man show me you can pull your boots on and leave me
Leave likea man let that door slam and don't pretend to need me
Cause I wanna know what I'm losing so go on
And leave like a man
Standing here so close I almost want you
My heart rembers love inside those eyes
But you won't kiss me now or jold me like you used to
If I'm not what you're needing show me what you're feelign one last time
I know your looking straight through me
You're tring to find and escape route

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