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Keri Noble - I Won't lyrics

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I Won't by Keri Noble

We need to talk despite the hour
''cause just like time, this comes too late
You've been telling me I need to change
Or else you'll go away
And I've been searching every inch of me
To find within myself
A way to give you what you want and not become somebody else…
You just want my passion
But you don't want my pain
You don't even really care 'bout what's inside my brain
You think that I don't know what's going on behind my back
But you seem to underestimate these very simple facts…
I WON'T let you hurt me
And I WON'T beg you to stay
I won't lay down and shut my mouth
So you can brag the next day
I WON'T be your trophy
And I WON'T look the other way
So I guess you got your wish ''cause babe I promise
Things are gonna change
The things that brought you to me
Now are the very things you hate
And it's becoming very clear to me
That you're the one that's changed
I used to think that we could make it last
That I would love you all my life
But when you tell me I'm not good enough
You know it's just not right…
Mi pasion quieres
Pero no mi dolor
Poco te importa lo que en mi mente esta
Crees que yo no se lo
Que tratas de esconder
Que tan ciego tu seras para no ver la verdad

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