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Keni Thomas - Free lyrics

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Free by Keni Thomas

She was 21 with a rock n roll soul
Cutting her teeth on that rebel radio.
Sounded like Emmy Lou Harris and the Rolling Stones
Searching for the beat in the heart of the nation
Founding her sound like a sweet salvation
Someday soon that sound's gonna carry her home
She had 27 dollars and 17 cents
She filled up the tank she has been back since
(She said)
I'm free to do what I wanna
Free yeah I think I'm gonna
Free to do what I was born to do
He was just a kid
Working the grave yard shift
His whole world changed
When she rolled in
She said so much
Without so much as saying a word
Believe me he heard
'Cuz he left that job at 7 AM
Been chasing his dreams now ever since then
He said I'm free... chorus
I think it's been about 1/2 dozen years
1/4 million miles and we're still out here
No matter where we go I know we're never alone
'Cuz we're all part of a big ole race
Of chasing our dreams and by God's Grace
Someday, somewhere, somehow
We're gonna find our way home
We're all free to do what we wanna
Free yeah I think we oughta
Be free to do what we were born to do
How 'bout you?

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