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Kareem Salama - Rise Up Protectors lyrics

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Rise Up Protectors by Kareem Salama

They claim the virtues of saints in prayer, but their deeds betray their words
And they can't hide the evil inside with all the fasting and prayer in the world
They level homes where we praise the Lord; they cause fear and they cause pain
They swear they take life in the Name of God, but they lie; they take it in their own name
Chorus: Rise up, protectors of this mosque and church and synagogue
And of all the houses where we praise the Name of God
Rise up, protectors of this woman and child and sacred life
And let's be one of the people out there praying for some peace tonight
They tell us our faith is a dream and a lie, and they say there's no creator of man
But they'll climb the mountain of reason and find us there holding reason in the palm of our hand
And they judge us and command us not to judge and they demand that we leave beliefs we hold
But prayers aren't verdicts and you do believe in the Unseen unless you saw the world unfold
And I remember the words that were spoken how all the earth were fit to pray
So it hurts to see fields of gold broken or the cold crystals melt away
And all the shrines and the lands and the boundaries can't outweigh the weight of the soul
So we protect the choice and the reason and the freedom to live and love and grow old

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