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Kareem Salama - My Tears Aren't Pure lyrics

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My Tears Aren't Pure by Kareem Salama

Same static on the televion, but I just keep on watching
Same stories coming out my mouth, but I just keep on talking
When will I learn there's no change 'till I change myself?
When I will send these demons back to hell?
Years have past since I had someone who'd listen to all of my dreaming
I've seen the backs of too many friends that quit believing
I guess there's a limit on how long most people can wait
For the time I kept on calling "One of these days"
I'll spend my years if that's how it must be
I'll dream the dreams that no one can believe
I know I don't deserve what it is I'm asking for
But I'll keeping asking You forever more
I'll keep hoping, even though my tears aren't pure
Yes, I'll keeing hoping even though my tears aren't pure
What's life worth living if I'm not living for great aspirations
What kind of love can I find if I'm falling for every temptation
I'm just not ready to settle down with the mundane
I'll hold out my hands and wait for the rain
One foot in front of the other and I walk even though I move slowly
Some take the quick and the easy, but I'll take the steep and holy
They don't have to believe in what I do with my life
They're not the reason that I won't give up tonight

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