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Don't Go City On Me Lyrics

by Kane Brown


Don't Go City On Me Song Lyrics

Don't Go City On Me by Kane Brown

I remember you in that jacked up Jeep
Hair blowing, sipping Mickey D's sweet tea
Cheap sunglasses and paisley boots
Long tan legs and those daisy dukes
Stopping for every single yard sale sign
What I wouldn't give to do that one more time
Don't go city on me
Please girl, keep it country
Life's so different since you crossed those tracks
Bring that pretty little accent back
Don't go city on me
Come on keep it country
With your fancy bling and your Miss Me jeans
The girl I knew wouldn't need those things
Don't go city on�
Don't go city on me
Never knew what city lights looked like
In the bed of a truck
On a summer night sky
Traffic jams on a gravel road
Don't you miss our old blue oak
Climb up on that rock and you held my hand
So I'm going to say this once again
You threw me back in, gave me one last kiss
Said girl it don't have to end like this
Don't go, baby
Don't go, no
Don't go city on me
Don't go, keep it country

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