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Kakistocracy - The Price Of Freedom lyrics

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The Price Of Freedom by Kakistocracy

Stripped from his mother's embrace, a forced accomplice in the destruction of our (the human) race. A soldier, a puppet, a tool, a mindless, heartless, faceless fool. And with the pentagon pulling the strings, he's deceived into fighting, making freedom ring. Fighting a war that's not his own. They gave him a gun and trained him to kill, stole his emotions and robbed his will, told him to believe whole-heartedly in the great American lie. Now on the front lines and facing death he wonders which will be his last breath. The soldier waits, alone, dreaming of his friends, his family, and his home. But he's no longer the same man, now a programmed machine killing for his land. Facing a threat that is unknown. He's been stabbed in the back and now shot in the chest, just another number added to the list. The soldier dies alone and afraid wondering what a difference he could have made. Blinded, lied to, time and time again, now zipped up and shipped home complete with a folded flag. Send a letter to the family, "we're sorry for your loss," first a name, then a number, now just another blank white cross. So if the price of freedom is visible here then we've paid too high a cost. No money paid out or statue erected can make up for the lives lost.

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