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Kakistocracy - The Dawn Of Capitalism: Corporate Ma$$ Murder lyrics

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The Dawn Of Capitalism: Corporate Ma$$ Murder by Kakistocracy

Since the dawn of capitalism, mankind has yet to cease in the raping of our mother, Earth. With the exception of a few, humans have always looked at this planet with dollar signs in our eyes. From strip mining in South America to the clear cutting of old growth forests in British Colombia, greed has bred selfishness, arrogance, and an "all for nothing" attitude. Now, thanks to companies like International Forest Products and Rumbunan Hijau, more than 80% of the worlds ancient forests have been destroyed. This rampant destruction, aside from contributing greatly to global warming, kills an estimated 100, 000 species every year. And all for what? Clear cut, strip the land; disregard all those in your way. Strip mine, rape the land; deceive all those that you pay. And you bleed this planet dry, in the name of the dollar. Global free lumber, a selfish destructive farce. Dilute environmental laws to suit your profitable needs. Too sophisticated to burn books, we burn the planet instead. Clear cut, strip the land, massive profits are now in hand. Your destructive ways for capitol gain will polish the stones at the heads of our graves. Strip mine, rape the land, ignore the worker's bloody hands. Paid like slaves and treated the same, in the name of their rights we must take a stand. Polluted soil and skies of black, our mother, the Earth, is under attack. Corporate mass murderers make our future seem far too bleak. And all for what? For your Charmin toilet paper, your Los Angeles Times, and your J.C. Penny catalog. This unnecessary destruction has gone on for far too long. The time for a global awakening is long overdue. The time for global action is long overdue. it's time to take a stand, hand in hand, and show these bastards, these tyrants, that we will never bow down, we will never submit, we will never give in. We will no longer stand idly by while they rape and poison the land, pollute the skies, and rob the forests. While they slowly kill our Mother.

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