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Inaugration Day Lyrics



Inaugration Day Song Lyrics

Inaugration Day by J-Wall

Mr. President congratulations on inauguration
Im here with advice to run a nation
To satisfy the rich and be up for re-election
So i advise you follow my suggestions
"I don't even know you nor the nation that you come from"
"Now you wanna give me advice on how to run one"
"I should call security" My bad I'll introduce to ya
The clan grand wizard and my name is Lucifer
But you could call me Satan "Yo to barge in here is rude of you"
Sorry but america seems kinda peculiar
"I face the press in 5 minutes make this shit quick"
America is broke and I know just how to fix it
"Got any suggestions?" Yo slavery was brilliant trust me
They need to bring it back cuz black bastards disgust me
I second that emotion for their Puerto Rican cousins too
They even have leaders what the fucks the world comin too
Minority vultures sabotage American good will
I wish for target practice they stood still
To make the world a better place we gotta take action
"So where do I start" You gotta make things happen
Like overpopulation but that's kinda complex
Cuz niggas and spics always fiend to have sex
Those free clinic goin ghetto dwellin nymphos
I know we could put something in the indo
Shit to make em impotent while they're screamin represent
In another 5 years they'll be askin where the niggas went?
Drinkin malt liquor fuckin up their livers
But we laced them with carcinogens so everything is cool
Also, watch the borders those Mexicans is leakin in
But that's ok they go to L.A. and get they fuckin heads beaten in
"More cops perhaps"
Fuck yeah who's gonna shoot those little monkeys in their backs
"So what's up with education" Just cut financial aid
Stop givin money to schools with bad gr

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