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J-Wall - Falling up! lyrics

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Falling up! by J-Wall

Verse One:
Where has my life gone, living is so hard
God, won't you help, this has gone to far
Insults, ecploitations, it all hurts me
You have not helped, so how can you be
Jesu Cristo, thank you so much
I fell and surrendered, lost my evil touch
Fell towards the sky, but I still hate life
All I want is to, end all of this strife
I don't want to stay down, I want back my life
I am trusting you, to take away my strife
I am in a sad world, my life plainly sucks
I want to be falling up, lord, please change my luck
Verse Two:
I am trying so hard, to believe you exist
I am a target, of ignorance and bliss
I try to praise you, music is my prayer
Few people like me, but I know you care
My arms are reaching, to put you in my heart
But look around, my whole life is dark

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