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Eternal dream Lyrics

by J-Wall


Eternal dream Song Lyrics

Eternal dream by J-Wall

Verse One:
When I awake, I look all around
Trying to find love, and guess who I found
I met you at my school, you were dating my best friend
I thought that this love, could never begin
You were not my girl, I refused to steal you
From my best friend, but you wanted me too
We finally talked, before winter break
Ever since you left, my life's been a heartache

Eternal Dream, God led me to you
Eternal Dream, He led you to me too
Eternal Dream, God answered my prayers
Eternal Dream, now your gone, it is not fair

Verse Two:
Why did you tell your dad, I bought you those cigs
I never bought you drugs, like nuggets or twigs
That idiot upstairs, his sister was like your mom
They both ruined my life, as if they were a deadly bomb
Your dad is an alcholic, treated you like sh*t
You tried to run to your mom, but you just got hie
I thought we had something, and eternal life together
Little did I know, it would soon end forever

Chorus X 2

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