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Always there Lyrics

by J-Wall


Always there Song Lyrics

Always there by J-Wall

Verse One:
All around your home, and in your neighborhood
They are the people that, to you, are good
They all help you out, when you need it most
When you are in doubt, they're there from coast to coast
Always in your house, or standing by your side
They will help you out, so you won't need to hide
So pick up your home, give one of them a call
You won't be alone, You will NEVER fall

These are your neighborhoods, your helping hands
They will help you through whatever life demands
Whether you are robbed, or just need to chat
They will do the job, wherever they are at

Verse Two:
What should I do? My power is out
So is the neighbors, so I go and shout
Do you all wanna jam, on your bass guitar?
I'll play my acoustic, sitting on the hood of my car
We are family, living in the neighborhood
We all like to jam, and we all sound good
So, lets all record, a song called "Always There"
To let everyone know, how much we all care


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