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Out Of The Unknown Lyrics

by Jumpin' Jesus


Out Of The Unknown Song Lyrics

Out Of The Unknown by Jumpin' Jesus

What's awaiting us
On the other side
When we meet out fate unknown
Is it darkest night
Or some heaven's gate unknown
There's a kind of shadow
He follows everywhere
A strange and dark companion
Sometimes we feel his breat
He's with us from our first day
I guess his name is death
Are we Energy
Never getting lost
Or is death the end - unknown
Will we truley die
When the reaper will
Take us by the hand - unknown
What wee call existence
No one can explain
Maybe there are levels
Higher than our own
In our final second
Then it will be shown
Death: "you were born
Bound to die
So fulfill your fate
No much time
And you stand
At the final gate
Good or bad
Wise or not
You can always choose
When it's done
I decide
If you win or loose"
Fate: "Out of the unknown
Earthbound you were send
Into the unknown
You will pass again


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