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Cloning The Future Lyrics

by Jumpin' Jesus


Cloning The Future Song Lyrics

Cloning The Future by Jumpin' Jesus

I, I can move, I can chew
Yet I can not see
I can think, IQ 300
And I live in thee
I'm the clone inside your womb
Mommy, how d'ya feel
I will eat my way to light
And you are my meal

You expect my day of birth
Still don't know you'll die
Yet I need you to feed me
With your flesh and mind

We are perfect, we are one
And we're born to reign
Chemical intelligence
Programmed to maintain
We are future, you are past
Your arge is much too weak
We will live in symmetry

I don't know love or hate
I'm emotionless
I don't need law or religion
Don't need sleep or rest
Cold immortal, man-machine
And I'm growing fast
Still your heart keeps pounding, mom
I'll tear it out at last

I'm your child, a parasite
I eat you alive
You are useless like your kind
When I come to life
(The cloning machine speaks)
"Operation genesis processing unstoppable
We'll sppm enter phase four
300 new, indestructable units on the line
Circuits normal, flash green
Order to robot - police
300 female individuals needed for implantation
Emergency level seven
Resistent bodies have to be terminated"

Now I'm born, finally
Mommy you are dead
You fulfilled your duty
Kept me warm and fed
Now I have to leave you
Take my place in line
To renew this planet
Rest in peace, good bye

Embodied technology
This is all I am
Nature's final nemesis
And you all are damned

We will build a new decade
Of no wars, no crime
We're all equal, lookalikes
REproduced each time
You are only blisters
On this planet's face
Human race, your time has come
To let us take your place

So now you're lost in time...

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