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Juice WRLD - Oh Dear lyrics

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Oh Dear by Juice WRLD

Uh, b**ch I’m, yeah (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Yeah (Uh-huh-huh)
Yeah (Uh-huh-huh)
Yeah (Uh-huh-huh)
I just popped a thirty, b**ch (Uh-huh-huh)
Two on five
[Verse 1]
All I know is rockstar and murder sh*t, yeah
Kill a cop and take the confiscated Actavis, yeah
Catch an opp and show his son what a bastard is, yeah
Give me head, baby, I’m your new psychiatrist, yeah (Let’s go)
Tryna beef with No Limit, show you what a riot is, yeah
Just bought a suppressor for this Glock, let’s do a silent hit, yeah
Bustin’ off these percs, I’m high, I’m where Orion is, yeah
I used to sell that work, I had your momma buyin’ it, yeah
This off the top of the dizzome
Nigga, I don’t ever be rippin’ no written, yeah
I got my hand on the chrizzome
I don’t got time to be fightin’ no nigga, yeah
Touch down, I’m in the end zone
15K on a Saint Laurent fur coat
Bad lil’ b**ch say she from Merlot
No, you can’t try on my fur coat
[Verse 2]
I’ma f**k her friend, I’ma wreck her friend, yeah, yeah
I’m Nelly with this gun, b**ch, it’s gettin’ hot in here
R. Kelly to these rappers, niggas catchin’ p**s in here
I shot him in front of his b**ch, she was screamin’ out “Oh dear”
Baby, your nigga a deer in my headlights
Dababy said it best, b**ch I’m a boss, feel like Suge Knight
Take money from these white folks, then I take a nigga life
If he get in the way of the cash, then that nigga finna die
I may hit a kickback to catch a vibe, oh yeah
But if they try me in that b**ch, I’m uppin’ the fire, oh yeah
Rick James, Glock fire and desire in here
b**ch, I’m Rick James, I’m gettin’ higher and higher in here
Do this for the gang, we ain’t sellin’ crack this year
Yes I mean brack, I can hear the slimes in my ear
Slatt, slatt, slatt, shout out all my slatts
I got the rap game in a motherf**kin’ headlock, bro
My album went number one album in weeks, folk
Just told the motherf**ker “Suck my dick” to the whole world
Suck my dick, like suck it
Like, don’t be afraid to suck it, you know what I’m sayin’?
I know it’s big or whatever, just put it, put in your mouth and suck it
[Verse 3]
Perc just kicked in, b**ch, I feel right
‘Bout to do a wheelie down the street on my dirt bike
My nigga Max don’t believe I’m poppin’ wheelies, alright
I’ma Meek Mill the sh*t out this b**ch for the one time
Skrrt, speed racer on the KTM
Two-fifty CCs, somebody come raise my RPMs
I’ma tell you what I’ma do to my opps when I meet them
I know you heard the name, [?] I’m gon’ make them meet him
f**k the opps, b**ch, this song called No Limit
Oh dear, b**ch, the end is near
Extended on my Glock, if I was in Africa I would have extended spears, yeah
Y’all don’t want no smoke, y’all don’t want the cancer here
My nigga Kyro wanna box, I’ma Mike Tyson him
I got the rap game on motherf**kin’ lock
This sh*t too motherf**kin’ easy
Death Race for Love doin’ f**kin’ crazy brazy ass numbers
Kyro, I know, when you hear this, bro
Just know I got the paws for your ass
Nigga, left-right, left-right, left-right, nigga
Mayweather, Pacquiao
Uh, uh, uh, what’s the niggas name?
Cassius Clay, all that sh*t nigga, hahaha
Perc bussin’, b**ch

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