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Juelz Santana - Dipset (Santana's Town) (Skit) lyrics

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Dipset (Santana's Town) (Skit) by Juelz Santana

Juelz talkin':
Yea let me call this b**ch up
(dials number)
Girl: hello?
Juelz: yo what's good what you doin?
Girl: chillin
Juelz: I aint doin sh*t I'm chillin at the crib
Right now, what you tryin' to get into
Girl: sh*t I don't know, you tell me!
Juelz: you comin' over?
Girl: yea
Juelz: where you at your crib?
Girl: yea
Girls man in background: ay yo ay yo who the f**k
You talkin' too over there ma?
Juelz: what the f**k, who that?
Girl: I aint talkin' to nobody this Keisha on the
Girls man: that's Keisha,o aight
Girl: anyway
Girls man: hold up wait wait
A f**kin minute, I just talked to Keisha nigga
She sleep B
Juelz: (o that's her man!)
Girls man: yo who the f**k is you talkin' too
You dirty b**ch see this is the f**kin' sh*t I be
Talkin' about, yo' ima slap the sh*t outta you B
Juelz: (laughin'!)
Girls man: naw matter fact,I aint even worryin' about
That sh*t B, word to my mother B, I'm spittin now,
I'm rappin' yo word to my mother
I'm bout to get signed to them Diplomats niggas B,
Word to my mother I just spoke to that nigga Juelz B
Juelz: yo tell him to chill!
Girl: chill baby damn
Girls man: word to my mother I'm about to be on,
Yea Ima leave you b**ch, Ha Ha! Ima leave you b**ch,
You aint gonna be nothin', diplomats baby!
Woo byrd gang, byrd gang all day!
Juelz: did he just say he signed to diplomats?
Girl: yea but that nigga be sayin so much bullsh*t
Its crazy!
Ends and fades into DIPSET (SANTANAS TOWN) song

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