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Judy Garland - Love lyrics

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Love by Judy Garland

Love can be a moment's madness
Love can be insane
Love can be a life of sadness and pain
Love can be a summer shower
Love can be the sun
Love can be two hearts that flower as one
It can be, fine and free
But that kind
Is not so very easy to find
Love can be a dying ember
Love can be a flame
Love pledged in September
May be dead in December
You may not even remember it came
Love can be a joy forever
Or an empty name
Love is almost never ever the same
Love can be an evil-doer
Love can be a fog
Love can make you feel like you were a dog
Love can be a snow-capped mountain
Love can be the truth
Love can be an endless fountain of youth
It can be ecstasy
But it's true
It doesn't always happen to you
Love can be a four-score failure
Love can bring you fame
Love fresh as the morning
May be wild when it's 'borning
And then without any warning, it's tame
Oh love can be a sweet endeavor
Or a dirty shame
Love is almost never ever, the same!

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