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Judy And Mary - Glamour Punks lyrics

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Glamour Punks by Judy And Mary

So gaudy and immoral, I´m the least wanted
I don´t give a shit, world´s warped anyway
It doesn´t worth to clingin´ on to that
If that´s the moral someone established.
We should go and destroy it!
This is the way I chose to be
I´ll do it my fuckin´ way
I know that others won´t understand it
Tired of those warped world
But don´t get me wrong
I don´t blame anyone
It´s nobody´s fault when
I can´t get what I want
It´s nobody´s business but mine
The problem is that I give up so easily
Dreams in my head but can´t step ahead
I´ll keep on going ´till my final day
The Wall that stand tall. I must break down
I just wanna see what´s behind
Noisy sound is the what I need
I just wanna witness the moment of the truth
I hate to be forced
I do it the way I like it
Be ambitious, Let the bell of the war toll
Be cautious and watch out!

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