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Music Video

Love angel

by Js


Love angel Song Text

Love angel by Js

I wanna be

Sit here on this sofa boy
Put your drink on this coaster boy
Just sit back and relax your mind
'Cause your about to have a good time
'Cause you've been working hard all day
Now it's time to get away
So turn your phones and 2-ways off
I'll be the only one you need to call

I can't wait to give you all of this luvin'
'Cause baby you deserve it
You'll get pamperin', kissin', and huggin'
'Cause tonight i'll be your...

Love Angel
A touch of heaven from me
Love Angel
My love is all you need (i'll be your)
Love Angel
You can depend on me
Love Angel
I'm gonna be your love angel

First we'll get into the showers boy
Then make love for hours boy
TOnight your gonna be all mine
Make the greatest love of all time
And you won't get enough of
My heaven's touch



Can you imagine
boy you and me goin' above the sky
Physical attraction
Follow me i'm gonna be your guide
Chain reaction
Once we start boy you know we can't stop
You and me climaxin'
We'll be takin' this love staight to the top

Chorus x 2 [Said somebody's callin me]

Hello ladies from around the way
I thought i heard somebody call my name
I'm here to take you out this pourin' rain
And cuddle you just like a small cafe
Soothe your body put your mind at rest
You don't believe me then ask JS
From the sofa, to the bed, to the floor
I'm 'bout to take you straight through heaven's doors

Chorus repeat

However you want me to touch you boy
However you want me to feel you boy
However you want me to kiss you boy
I'll do it, i'll do it, i'll do it
Whatever position you want me boy
However you want me to stroke you boy
However you want me to love you boy
I'll do it, i'll do it, i'll do it

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