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Unweave, Unravel, Unwind Lyrics

by Joyshop


Unweave, Unravel, Unwind Song Lyrics

Unweave, Unravel, Unwind by Joyshop

Unweave, unravel unwind
My soul has found a place to breath
Unreal, unruly, unwise
A place of rare release

I'm in love with a man who misled me
In love with a place no one knows
In love with a sea that accepts me
In love beyond reproach
Yeah I'm lost in a view that amazed me
I'm lost in a note on the air
I'm lost in the ocean that raised me
I'm lost beyond repair


I'm bewitched by the choir in the quarry
Bewitched by the crash of the waves
Bewitched by the kindness of strangers
Bewitched but not awake

I'm undone by the eyes that undress me
Undone by the cut of your suit
Undone by the buckle you fasten
Undone and done for good

I'm undone by your voice

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