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Precious Metal Lyrics

by Joyshop


Precious Metal Song Lyrics

Precious Metal by Joyshop

Over-priced but under-sold
You'll soon be worth your weigh in precious metal
Roll the crimson carpet out
The jack of clubs has come and will not leave
Fate loved me but now does not
I heard it from a rare clairvoyant petal
First you thrash me then you run
You broke the heart I fastened to my sleeve
Oh you're killing me now
You're over the moon and I'm under the ground
Oh it's killing you too
That they fought over me
But poured scorn over you
Oh it's payment in kind
That you're half what I love and half what I despise
Oh you're killing me now, you're killing me

Out of time but into greed
Your pots will slowly turn to copper kettles
Sneak a breath then spit it out
Enjoy the pound of freshly scented truce
One obsession at a time;
Your grip is getting loose around the nettles
Time to flee, and fly you will
A felon with a melancholy muse


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