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Gold & White Lyrics

by Joyshop


Gold & White Song Lyrics

Gold & White by Joyshop

It's like a river water fall
About to drop us away
Imma take it as it comes
Just Wash me away
If you ridin and we wake up on the bottom
Watch us scream
It means we earned this hell of a life we got in front of us come with me come with us
Like these people sure to see you'll have to kill me to stop me

Up until last night when that different blast of wind
Past decisions crashing thought that I was february cold
Every where I go ass kissin actin like they act different
Sorry we but we know, mad driven yeah we go
At a pace that is like an animal
Lion looking for some food with an attitude
First come first serve simple minded aptitudes
Guarded cause they laughed at you
You walk around mad at who?

Act true adamently that'll be different
They wanna act like I'm february cold
Everywhere I go
If only they could take a second peer into my soul
See me cry really feeling every note
From every melody and poem
But I only seem to cry when I'm alone
I never wanna share the pain
Tho I gotta let it go
Then I find a way to smile, surely I will let em know
Cause it feels much better when I'm ridin through the city
With my people here with me
I don't wanna judge crazy lives I just want you with me
Smiles all around waiting for it all to hit me

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