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by Jonathan Randol


Cover Song Text

Cover by Jonathan Randol

I lift you up to let you down
There ain't no cover when you come around
And I have found
The only way to understand

It ain't by chance it ain't by right
I run for cover in the morning light
I pick my fights and so
I sit to make my stand

It may be you, it may be me
But I will cover these eyes to see
And maybe we should stop
And linger while we can
I have fanned the fire so long
And I'll take cover when I know it's gone
I maybe wrong or maybe
I misunderstand

Though it will never be enough
I will cover you with my love
Come push or shove
You know that
I'll be by your side

You hide your face I hide my hands
I run for cover while you make your plans
Another chance to see
What goes after the pride

I have felt that look before
You blow my cover cause your keeping score
And before we turn our eyes
Back towards the sun

I have spun this crown of web
I use to cover my crowded head
When I said that you should walk away
Well I knew you should run

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