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John Watts - That's Enough For Me lyrics

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That's Enough For Me by John Watts

Thoughts of a child, echoes of Sunday afternoon.
Things don't improve with time.
She doesn't stir....l've watched the clock till I despaired....but I
Can't close my eyes.
I'll never ga home without deceiving you. The night goes on....
Her shoulders gently rise and fall....
L fight those fears away....
There must be more the other side of our front door I wish that I could stay....(That's enough) I'll never go home, without deceiving you.
THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ME....I'll never go home again.
THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ME....without deceiving you.
The day begins....
Her soft brown skin reflects the light....l start to feel it's all wrong.
I'm like a ghost that only functions in the night,
I wander home alone.
THAT'S ENOUGH....walking away with my eyes closed....
Too much to say to die today....
L didn't know till I was drowning just how afraid a man could be.
The icy water dragged me down....
I saw the children on the beach....
The summer day ignores distress calls.
Survival seemed beyond my reach.
They didn't know that I was scared.
Someone's talking to me....
But I can't hear what they say....
The situation was bizarre I didn't know if I was dreaming.
I thought of you alone without me. I didn't want an angel's wings.

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