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Look In His Eyes

by John Sykes


Look In His Eyes Song Lyrics

Look In His Eyes by John Sykes

Teenage Sally's out again
Her daddy's screaming evil sin
The boy she's with has kept her out too late
Waiting at the door
He slowly loads his shotgun, tapping toes
He's lay in wait to fill this waste of space

* Look in his eyes and you will see
Nothing but pain and misery
He's the one unholy soul surviving demon of deceipt
You're holding the apple of his eyes
Don't even have no alibi
You're the victim now, of a consequence
And you've had your fan
And you will repent
For the fruit you stole
From the father of the child

Rock n roll on radio
Came blasting down the drive
You know, the old man said
He'll blow us all away
Flood lights burn
And covers blown
The old man takes him by the throat
Get over here
I've got to set you straight


It's Christmas!
Didn't it make you feel good all night long

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