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Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Tatazela lyrics

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Tatazela by Johnny Clegg & Savuka

'sishimane gijima ushon' ezinyangeni
Uyamazi nkunzi emnyama? (x2)
(hey! unsuccessful lover man, you had better hurry to a magician,
Do you know one called "the black bull"? )
Igama lami nkunzi emnyama
(my name is black bull)
Yimi nkunzi emnyama
(I am black bull)
Ngicitha amasoka
(I can magically defeat your rivals in love)
'sishimane gijima ushon' ezinyangeni
Kuyo tatazela amasoka
(hey! unsuccessful lover man, hurry to a magician,
And he will cause all your rivals to become insecure)
Isoka latatazela
(the amorous young buck is nervous because....)
Intombi ifuna ukwendlala
(the young girl wants to stay the night)
Itsh*tshi limnandi, itsh*tshi limnandi njengoshukela
(a virgin is sweet, a virgin is sugar sweet)
'sishimane gijima ushon' ezinyangeni
(hey unsuccessful lover man....)
Azokwehlula amasoka
(your amorous rivals will coax away your girl)
Wo! dem buladi fhulu, nkunzi emnyama
Wehlula amasoka, shona kunkunzi emnyama
Can overcome your rivals in love, go and see him!)
Igama lami nkunzi emnyama
(my name is black bull)
Inkunzi ecitha amasoka
(the bull that causes young men to lose their girlfriends)
Ngidida amasoka
(I am the one who with magic can upset the plans of amorous young men)

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