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Johnny Cash - Lonesome to the bone lyrics

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Lonesome to the bone by Johnny Cash

On the park bench I slept on raindrops are fallin' on the newspapers coverin' me
I hear early morning motors and I know the world is waking for the dawn
But my mind's down in dark alley somewhere where last night you loved me
And in the early morning chill my arms remember still
But I'm droppin' like a stone lonesome to the bone
The sun is roughly rising on the roofs of stagger town
The time for sweat and poison out is just now coming round
The high flyin' last night is over with and gone leavin' me lonesome to the bone
[ guitar ]
I walked away the wind blows and any way the wind goes will be good enough for me
My mind is like that traffic jam and I walk between the cars lost and alone
Your hot breath and your laughter keep flashing through my mind to warm me
But the naked light of day soon makes it fade away
And I'm going down alone lonesome to the bone
The sun is roughly rising...

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