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John Cena - John cena entrance music lyrics

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John cena entrance music by John Cena

So you think your untouchable?
WORD LIFE! This is basic thuganomics
Word Life! (record scratching) Well I'm untouchable
But I'm forcin' you to feel me
Word Life this is basic thugn, thugn, thuganomics
Word Life! (record) Well I'm untouchable but I'm forcin' u to feel me
Wether fightin' or spittin' my discipline is unforgivn
I got you backin' up in the defensive position
It's an ass kickin anthem heavyweight no bantam holdin' kids for ransom
The microphone phanthom
Teams hit the floor this the new fight joint
Like a broken need kid you missin' the point
We'll dominate you confrence with offense thats no nonsense
Get yo' reinforcements
We strike quick with hard kicks duckin ice picks
Bare knuckle make you fight this
Beat you lifeless never survive this
You forgot like altimers 2 face rappers walk away with for shiners
I'm the raw mimer turn legends to old times
Be bightin like a viper in your one liners
This the new Deaman inc.
We's bout to make you famous
Taken over earth and still kick it in uranus
Word Life!

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