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Joe Pug - Tricky lyrics

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Tricky by Joe Pug

Down in the zombie town people running all around
Blind as bats can be the truth they cannot see
Keep them blinders on raise the young ones big and strong
And when the day is through not much we can do
Its getting tricky just to see the light
And it's tricky telling wrong from right
Its getting trickier as time goes by
Its getting tricky to carry the load
And it's tricky not to explode
It gets trickier as time goes by
Rain is falling from the sky on this sunny sunny sunny night
Brother can you tell me why right is wrong wrong is right tell me why
Shouldn't be this way again will this problem never end
Will this madness ever cease we need to learn to love
Then they'll be peace
Day in the sun
And I have seen the monster men time and time and time again
They look like me and you and this ain't nothing new
You can't stop the sea they say the tide of change must have it's way
One day the tide will turn and maybe then we'll learn
Now brother tell me why
The rain keep falling from the sky
Oh tell me now will we ever see the sun
There's got to be some way we can live as one

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