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Joell Ortiz - Freestyle On Hot 97 lyrics

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Freestyle On Hot 97 by Joell Ortiz

Y’all know me i flex muscle on anything ain’t a beat safe i do this rap thing flyer like a release date my pockets they on sweepstakes ya im out here making bands without walking for cheese cake
Yawn** boring being the best
Flow hotter then curry a warrior in the flesh
Ya… got your warrior out of breath no lie detector test no Maury that was her neck
You see em around me that means he through get popd for tryna stand on my block with out referrals
Rodents im proud to be from the burrows where ratting will have
Dangling from balconies like a squirrel
Hhahaha im finna drop fire like every week nickname me Windex ya im on a nice little streak
Like a chick that i pipe and she fall asleep whenever im in this b**ch say good night to the beat
Come on you gotta give me some respect i came a mighty long way from hobbling up them steps
I mean look at your boy from the projects doing the tim tebo after hoping off these jets
As far as the hood i still be there i got only one fear the day that im ever scared
Cause that feeling there gotta be weird i got to many killers haring me out like growing beards
When it comes to the bars im like a god
Slaughter you by my lonely no need to call on the squad
This ain’t hard and i make it look easy now this sh*t too easy i just make it sound hard
Trend setter to the trend setters im comfortable in my skin slight wind light thin sweater hit the park in that outside gym weather ya i keep it 100 thats 10 sets of 10 heifer
And these broads liking me slim better but i ain’t working out so the clothes can fit better im training so when i goes in this booth my winds better and any body can read me clear on this open letter
They ain’t f**king with your boy i give rappers this work who currently unemployed
Sleeping liek a sucker punch from Floyd but ima keeping sleeping like the night topar uppercuted roy
So whoever wanna knuckle up enjoy looking like you just main lined a bundle of that boy
Heh never been to a Vanna but Atlanta
Had me throwing all my singles at birds going bananas
And i ain’t talking bout no dancers the junk in that trunk got pumped with arm and hammer
And i never got booked for mozzarella cause niggas know that ill turn Brooklyn in labella
This ain’t a game little homie you show up to the race like a lame little ponny we gon stampede your frame til your main is bologna
I been had my spot built like the suade in soconies im a exxon guy man yall buggin long as these fans out here buying then im pumpin try me and its nothing ill war like a laid of sanitation worker firing and dumping
Product of my environment and loving it sweet smell of pollution in the air
Im disgusting yall gonna learn today but by now pete they should of been learnt but ey

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