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by J-FleeZy


Revolution Song Lyrics

Revolution by J-FleeZy

Victory is sick to me.
That's why I got my clique with me.
The clock is gonna tick for me.
The trickiest of trickery
Other sh*t
Me be on some other sh*t
Got a? sound, pass the pound
I always been the class's clown
But I lived the aftermath
Happiness I'm after now
The stress I had to pass it down
The (Sex?) I had to pass around
I'm searchin' for the answer
I was told to go and ask around (damn... damn)
It's difficulties everyday
And no one knows the pathway
But every joint is born to burn
And one day hits the ash tray
(One day it hits the ash tray) 3x
So I'm livin' in the fast lane
Cuz this could be my last day
Though I'm hopin' it's not
The word is just the word
And it gets spoken a lot
If you think I'm jokin' I'm not
I made it to the end of the rainbow
And found out I couldn't open the pot (like damn)
Relentlessly attacking beats
My vocal cords
Seek to speak to masses
See them sweatin' out their vocal cords
Crying cause they want some more
And smilin' cause they love to listen
Missin' every other line
Cause every word's a perfect lesson
Yes I call my gift a blessin'
Please believe no imposition
Just a product of my life
I call that sh*t a composition
I call that sh*t a composition
(I call that sh*t a composition)
And believe when I say that my crew goes H.A.M.
Stay honey-baked
Takin' snaps by the?
We don't f**k wit cha clan
Try and do what you can
Come at me with the flow
And I'm buildin' a dam (dam)
Cause degradation is in progress
Unemployment's high
But That doesn't mean you're jobless
Revolution is a process

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