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Jetpack Jones - 11:59 lyrics

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11:59 by Jetpack Jones

Sometimes a bad day becomes a good song
The short struggle gettin' too long
Feel like I shoulda been where these otha niggas at
I hate them cuz they just tryna make it too
I ain't go through this sh*t
This what they want me to do
It's enough for you to shine and I can get mine too
We ain't the rags in the bucket braggin' out in public
Proset is famous and Shae playin' the game
So far outta touch, I hope I'm gettin' your attention
Am I talkin' too much? You got some time to listen?
Open your heart and do away with all the apprehension
Revolutionize the industry and start the pentacles
A young black male,I'm living in a world of tension
Puffin' like a locomotive, seein' loco vision (crazy)
It blew my mind, looking up at the time
It's 11:59, one minute till it's ova
Thank God (Jesus), a good thanka-you
God first, cash first, niggas only want you for your cash first
Advert yo attention for a real spitter
Deal hit a jack move easy when I kill, nigga
A scene like niggas wanna kill niggas
It's like workin' four jobs, not to peel niggas
Still, nigga, get it together, let's build, nigga
All love, baby, this sh*t gettin' crazy
Niggas tryna play me and some b**ches tryna save me
No, Jamie, flow gettin' raspy
And whatnot taffy, crafted with athletes
No verse no one, look at us, we might be stadium status
Shroudest clouds playn miserable bastards
And of course, discussin' the right tactics

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