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by Jerky Boys


Bamm! Song Lyrics

Bamm! by Jerky Boys

Curly G Cradle Rock: BAMM!!!
Reciever: Hello?
C: Yo wassup I wa. I wan't you to hear my rap album.
R: UhhHuh
C: Yo wassup, this name is Curly G Cradle Rock
R: UhhHuh
C: Yo I got some good music, I wanna come down there and Yo BAMM!!! I want you to play dat...
R: UhhHuh
C: Yo, I got some crazy good music.
R: Ok
C: Well let me sing you some.
R: ...Ok...
C: Yo, "Hanging out on the streets with my homies (R: HUH?) sippin' down some beer of cronies." Yo wassup?
R: I can't.I can't understand you.
C: Yo I'm a crazy fresh... CRAZY fresh... CRAZY SILLY fresh dj.
R: UhhHuh
C: BAMM!!! Cradle Rock style
R: Yeah?
C: Yo lemme come down there.
R: That's fine!
C: Yo I'll come down there with my shades, my girlie girls, my sweeey little pushy rap. I'll come down there and I'll sweat'a BAMM!!! Yo I could hang.
R: I'm not sure what the purpose of this call is.
C: Yo because this is a record store and I wanna sell you my record.
R: That's fine!
C: Ahh OO OA agg OO ah OO BAMM!!!
R: OK!?
C: Yo, so why don't I come down there. I'll come down there with my crazy fly girlies and my gold. I got crazy silly gumby gold.
R: Yeah...?
C: Right.
R: Ok I have to go!
C: BAMM!!!
C: OK, I'll see you later girlie girl.

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