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Jennings & Keller - Gator Shine lyrics

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Gator Shine by Jennings & Keller

Maryanne's on the phone
Says you'd better come along
We're goin' down to the swamp
But not until after dark
To Gator shine, gonna gator shine tonight
The moon's on the rise
Not a cloud in the sky
Their beady little eyes are gonna shine
Gator shine tonight
Maryanne picks you up
You hop into her pickup truck
You're heading west straight outta town
As bug spray's getting passed around
To Gator shine, in the steamy heat tonight
There's a swamp etiquette
That you'd best not forget
Show them reptiles some respect
When you gator shine tonight
Don't need no t.v., don't need no mall
Don't need no cell phone, no one to call
Don't need no MySpace, or no ipod
Just get down to the Everglades and
Have yourself a ball
You lean over the rail
On the Anhinga Trail
Point your flashlight down
At the critters swimmin' round
When you gator shine in the Glades tonight
You're hoping that it stays
Just like this all your days
And they never pave away you chance to
Gator shine tonight, gator shine tonight
With Maryanne tonight

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