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If I Believed

by Jeni Varnadeau


If I Believed Song Text

If I Believed by Jeni Varnadeau

J. Varnadeau, P. Rogers
Romans 8:28, Genesis 50:20, Isaiah 38:17
I thought everything was just fine
Thought life had a meter and life had a
My story seemed to have a clear outline
But the plot took a twist, it's not what I had
in mind
Then you turned the page
I started reading it and it didn't make sense
'Cause I read the beginning, and thought
that I knew the end
But that was a mistake
So I'll keep on reading
'Cause I trust there's a happy ending
For my good
For my good
You're still working
When things are misunderstood
For my good
It's hard to conceive
But I must believe for my good
Now You've written the pages of my life
And I'm still changing as You continue to
Though the words are wet with my tears
Each one I read seems to calm my fears
Your words I will embrace
And I'll keep on reading
'Cause I know there's a happy ending

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