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Jd Era - Trophies lyrics

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Trophies by Jd Era

I heard they talkin talkin bout me
f**k what you heard, b**ch
I'm the best, I say it proudly
And truth be told, Toronto ain't the same
Without me!
All eight niggas rape me like a naughty
These balls ain't for begginers
For classy lassies (???)
They'll drink, they call me,
Need the movie, I don't (???)
Won't catch me slipping,
Niggas trapped up like in Velcro
I'm sellin white, this sh*t like Larry Elbows
Pick the sh*t, I tell hoes, (bust it!)
b**ch, don't talk, just (bust it!)
Spin like I got no budget
You ain't f**kin, f**k it
Thuggin a republican (???)
Hoes don't love it, hoes don't love it
In my face like a Jason mask
All day long I'm chasin cash
Smoke that good, I'll make it last
Got about a pound, I don't need to pass
Drop on my suit as I enter
On another arena
Used to keep that working so my act
Will got remember
You show up to my city, frontin'
We hitting agendas
Please don't f**k upon that ass, you
Performing, now I'm bending, nigga
For the record, that some TO sh*t
Speaking of TO, what's the weather right now like?
Minus 20? Minus 30?
You American niggas look like
All this fairing in Fahrenheit
Cold like a motherf**ker, man
For me?
Step outside and I'm still on fire, nigga
This is not a f**king love song
This a fire plug, and plucking me more with gloves on
Mr. You not shamping pappy, oh My Gosh, holmes
It's that killer beats, I'm working on my buzz songs
Ride up in the club songs, ride around in that goul ride
When the time, with no roof top
Youngen thinkin he 2Pac
Thug life with 2 Glocks
I just move to a new spot
New view, new b**ch
Hash tag, new everything, but you
New niggas all knew this
Eyes watching the Judice
Cause you can't trust a soul
They'll set you up and then wet you up
Them boys outta control
Filling, cashing all of that coco
Nigga tied up on that sofa
Like f**k the couch, gun in your mouth
It ain't safe to say that it's over
You want paper, f**k the credit
Mad at me if I said it
If he once belonged to you then I don't want it
b**ch, forget it
King-Kong and you niggas pathetic
You can leave here on your own
Or you can leave with paramedics

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