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Alright Remix Lyrics

J. Cole


Alright Remix Song Lyrics

Alright Remix by J. Cole

[J. Cole]
Let's get the proceedings proceeding this evening!
No Promethazine I’m a king
No leaning!
I got a better way to fight these demons
F*ck do you know about my pain? (blow!)
Let's get the proceedings proceeding this evening
No Promethazine I’m a king, no leaning
I got a better way to fight these demons
F*ck do you know ‘bout my pain?
If I quote it n*gga, I wrote it n*gga
Six head shots, I’ll erode a n*gga
Pop another clip and I'm reloading n*gga
Ain’t no way around it, I’m the coldest n*gga
Do a n*gga dirty life's a coal, my n*gga
Get you clinked up then I fold you n*gga
Shout out to the haters who promote a n*gga
Flow hot, whip cold, I’m bipolar n*gga
But I don’t like to talk about a Rover n*gga
Keep this sh*t a hundred, I just sold it n*gga
Tired of police looking at me like I stole it n*gga
Probably just gonna cop a new Corolla n*gga
Don’t need a rollie on to know I’m getting older n*gga
Dreamville going up way up like a floater n*gga
Couple hands out like I owe them n*ggas
Where was you when the Civic was getting towed my n*gga?
No snakes in the grass cause I mowed it n*gga

f**k do you know ‘bout my pain?
(Right there let me get that there)
f**k do you know ‘bout my dreams?
(Talk about it, if you really believe it, gotta talk about it
N*ggas lookin’ at you funny when they start to doubt it
f**king up your energy when you start to doubt it too)
Rollercoaster ride
(Start to doubt it too)
How much do it cost?
(Start to doubt it)
If I take a ride, f**k around get lost
(Shoutout my n*gga Ib)
Rollercoaster ride, how much do it cost?
(El Presidente and sh*t)
(You want me to talk my sh*t)
If I take a ride, f**k around get lost
Cole world you should stay off this dick
I sold out the Garden, I should play for the Knicks
Took a couple minutes and I sold out staples
N*gga getting creamed like an old ass Laker
But I ain’t coming to talk about all that paper
That’s what they talk about when they ain’t got sh*t to say
Can’t understand why n*ggas never got sh*t to do
You know the saying n*gga, same sh*t different day
I never felt that, no way
Cause on the same day a n*gga doing different sh*t
Spit different flows hit different chicks
Let my Brixton hoes feed me fish and chips
Why I do a lot of shows? I’m the sh*t, that’s it
Got suicidal doors, I just slit my wrists
Never stingy with the hoes word to Cliff and Chris
So if I f**k six b**ches I got six assists n*gga
The flow sick as sh*t, catch ebola if you bit this sh*t
I never take, I invent the sh*t then flip the sh*t
Then lick the sh*t, and bit the sh*t back twice, I’m that nice, woo
What’s the plan?
Cole keeps snapping like a Mustard jam
Got a middle finger for Uncle Sam
I done paid so much taxes I can fund Japan
But instead they make a young nigga fund the man
Same man that keep a young nigga under, damn
I just cocked back nigga and my gun don’t jam
On a scale from one to ten I’m a hundred grand
It's Cole f**kin’ world nigga
Dreamville in this motherf**ker, Top Dawg in this motherf**ker
When you and K. Dot sh*t dropping?
b**ch never, they can’t handle two Black niggas this clever
But this February, bet sh*t get scary when I f**k around and drop...

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