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Jazz Gillum - Boar hog blues lyrics

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Boar hog blues by Jazz Gillum

Boar Hog Blues Trk 16 2:47
'Jazz' Bill Gillum (William McKinley Gillum)
(Bill Gillum)
Bill Gillum & His Jazz Boys
Jazz Gillum - vocal & hmc, Big Bill Broonzy - guitar, unk bass
George Barnes - elc gtr, Washboard Sam (Robert Brown) - washbrd
Recorded: Aurora, Ill., Monday March 14, 1938 Leland Hotel
Album: Bill 'Jazz' Gillum The Bluebird Recordings 1934-1938
Bluebird 66717-2 RCA, BMG 1997.
What make a rooster
Honey, crow 'bout the break of day?
To let the kidman know
That the main man is on his way
I'm a stranger here
Honey, just stopped in yo' town
If I ask you for a favor
Mama, please don't turn me down
(guitar & instrumental)
'Play it!'
She's a long, tall woman
With the meat shakin' on her bone
Ev'rytime she shakes
Some skinny gal have lost her home
(harmonica & instrumental)
'Blow that thing Gillum, blow it!'
Get yo' ride from a pony
Get yo' sweet milk from a cow
Get yo' po'k chop from a boar hog
Get yo' pigmeat from a sow
(guitar & instrumental)
'Play it out!'
(harmonica & instrumental to end)
'Yeah, man!'

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