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Jason Thugs-m-futurama - Insidious lyrics

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Insidious by Jason Thugs-m-futurama

[SpongeBob SquarePants]
Completely now is punches never forget me
I'm a motherf**kas goodbye never forget me
I while ya kickin enough to rhyme crossover now
Insidious try to horror movie, crossover now than now
Nigga say that because try to breathin my deep
I bring ya deep
Bring em up yo dead than now or enough
Necessary unless, sorry I'm while
Jason Thugs-M-Futurama pile
Cause or b**ch dyin to pie
Cause dying to pie nigga f**kin now to celebrate
Now is body, burn em around
Burn em, okay, wrong turn, everyone
Hey, do it now, do it now, do it now, do it now
Eye evil day, scene from the insidious, I just ready em slash 'em slash 'em
Runnin up from the terror
Insidious creepin walkin slippin runnin out comin day
Ass nigga from the?
Straight 'em down up the hurt everyday to runnin
To runnin up lookin terror but screamin scared by insidious
Look at this
Comin slash don't runnin runnin
Run runnin run runnin don't run runnin right
[No way] I cause be hurt
[No pay no day no lay no slay] back to alone
Don't leave me down don't runnin away
Don't run I runnin away
Plus time to (... ?...) ass nigga to (... ?...) no way
Slash em runnin away don't runnin
Don't run on my shootin deaf head in blood, now em on the slug
Don't be afraid of the dark I'm a friends and plug
Ass nigga to don't ass to don't runnin runnin
Trails don't runnin, runnin away don't runnin I rollin
You stoppin, slashin of bloody victim
Dead, the Nickstapz, the violate shoot em mothaf**ka
I'm runnin on a cuttin, murder shovel, punch blood please
Be I runnin, my cuttin, my slashin, my knowin, my pleashin, my slashed now, my partin, my shovelin
I done from the?
Don't runnin don't runnin don't runnin don't runnin
Don't run for your life don't runnin for your life
I just be the?

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