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Live Our Lives Lyrics

by Jason Greeley


Live Our Lives Song Lyrics

Live Our Lives by Jason Greeley

We've been surviving nine to fiving
Lately I've been thinking what's it matter climbing that ladder
All it gets ya is gold watch and a pension
A few more wrinkles and a whole lot of grey


Pack up your stuff throw it in the truck
Call your mama up and tell her were leaving
As were screaming pass that city limit sign
Foot out the door pedel to the floor
Girl there's more to this world then were seeing
And I believe it's just be on that county line
Lets put that two tons of freedom in drive
Come on come on come on we gotta live our lives

A little adventure is gonna make us richer
It's what we've been missing in this slow me down sleepy little town
Lets be daring baby lets stop preparing
Just sit back an let the good times roll


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