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Forgive Me

by Jason Eady


Forgive Me Song Lyrics

Forgive Me by Jason Eady

This river is racing it's chasing me down
The waters are rising I can't touch the ground
I pour out my soul and I scream and I shout
I'm under control and I can't get out

Forgive me if I don't stay too long
Forgive me for coming on so strong
Forgive me for carrying on
Forgive me
I've walked on the bank and I flew in the breeze
And I've tasted the water down on my knees
I waded in watching that river roll by
Then I held out my arm and I looked to the sky


My time has run out and I want you to know
That I carry you with me where ever I go
You are my water and you are my land
And someday I hope that you understand


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